Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Remembering the Armenian of April 24 1915 and Coffee and Good tidings

THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE by Celine Leduc April 25 2017
The Ottoman Empire
The big cover-up
The Turkish shame.

Turkey refuses to acknowledge
Turkey wants to Forget April 24, 1915
Turkey wants to forget
Turkey under pressure

Armenians victims remember  
Armenians petitioned
Armenians hurt --- cry --- mourn.

Finally, one country heard
Turkey heard the cries
Turkey felt the pain
Turkey acknowledges Ottoman crime

Armenians remember to heal
Armenians are no longer alone
Armenians mourn with friends

APRIL 24, 1915 the Armenian GENOCIDE  

Coffee and good tidings by Celine Leduc April 25, 2017
Reading the past mourning the dead.
Reading a better future  
In a coffee cup, all is revealed.

Jews drink Turkish coffee
The Ottoman Empire protected them.
The Arab world wanted to destroy them.

Armenians don’t drink Turkish coffee
They remember the Ottoman genocide
They drink Greek or Arabic Coffee.

Greeks don’t drink Turkish Coffee
They too remember the Ottoman genocide
They drink Greek coffee but not Arabic coffee.

Hospitality equals good manners and etiquette
Coffee and sweets are served to guests.
Women entertain and read coffee grains to delight.
Good tidings are part of hospitality
Armenians, Jews and Greeks enjoy baklava
Coffee and honey cakes ushers in a better future.  

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