Monday, April 24, 2017

Annie --- Anita

By Celine Leduc edited by Norman Simon 

Anita is dead
Annie is blinded
She uses her fingers
To memorize her friend’s face.

Evil killed her body
Spiritually she lives on
As a memory of friendship
Her name remembered eternally.

Annie faces Mengele
Face swollen as she was beaten
She has a choice life or death
She chooses life over death

She spits in his face
Stares at him
Smirks and even smiles
Disobedient to the end

Mengele points his finger
She will be a slave
She will build roads
For the army

Her armband a Black triangle
She is a traitor with fake papers
Her crime she saved lives she loved Jews
Her triangle should be PINK.

The latrine and kitchen
Are side by side
Bread is green
Soup watered

Anita is not dead
She needs to survive
She needs to escape
She wants to live FREE.

Life Death Love dance
Toten Tanz
Leben Tanz
Liebe Tanz

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